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Online Casino Real Money

The online casino is also referred to as an Internet casino or virtual casino and is basically nothing but the reflection of traditional, land-based casinos - just on the Internet. The online casino offers the possibility to play all the games available in a land-based casino anywhere and at any time - provided an internet connection is available.


Internet Casino: What do you have to offer?

You will surely wonder what is better, casino or the casino on the internet. We are also getting to the bottom of this question. After all, we can not dismiss the fact that both versions have their advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on how you feel about it. If you like being surrounded by like-minded people you can talk to, then the land-based casino is certainly the right place to start. In addition, it can not be denied that the atmosphere is unique there, even if the operators of virtual casinos make a great effort to recreate that as well as possible - keyword: live casino on

But there are still some factors in the balance, which speak for the visit of an online casino. On the one hand, there is the much greater choice of games, the extensive support provided by customer support and help pages, the opportunity to play and test the games for free, the diverse bonus offers, the continuous opening hours and the better payout ratios.

The latter is for many a crucial point to opt for an online casino, because there payout percentages of 95% are not uncommon. For comparison, the land-based providers, such as gambling halls and casinos pay between 60 and max. 70% off. The reason for this is that they have to deal with very high fixed costs, such as rent, electricity, staff costs, etc. On the other hand, online casinos often have their headquarters in tax havens and countries, where they face low fixed costs and wages. Therefore, the cost is a lot lower, especially since 95% of casinos do not develop the game software themselves, but cooperate with game software developers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Novoline, Play'n Go and Yggdrasil. Exactly these circumstances are the reason that the payout ratio or RTP (return to player) is mostly over 90% - thus much higher than with the landbased offerers.

In the long term, the online casinos will do better than the arcades, gaming arcades and casinos. Furthermore, the online providers are also much more transparent with the payout ratios, because in any game, be it online slots, blackjack, roulette or others, the payout rates are displayed.


Online Casino Real Money: With Download or Without?

There is no doubt that online casinos are successful. In, almost every household today is equipped with a PC and has Internet access. In addition, many shy away from it or find it simply too cumbersome to adapt to the dress code of land-based casinos or drive into a game room to make a few games. Through the online casinos, which are available in different versions, just this niche is filled. But what are the different types and where is the difference?

First, you have to differentiate between the download casinos and the non-download casinos.


The download casinos

In this case, you must first download and install software on the PC before you can start the game. The software is designed so that you can save all game data directly on the PC. However, the game operations are still controlled by the server of the provider, so that a manipulation is completely excluded. The advantage of these Internet casinos is clear: better animations and a more complex implementation, since all details are directly on your own PC. Furthermore, there are far fewer game delays and lags, making the game much more enjoyable.

The non-download casinos

These are portals where you can start right after the registration. Because here no software has to be downloaded. Often, these casinos are also referred to as flash casinos. This is due to the fact that the online casino providers rely on the Flash technology in order to be able to present the graphical content even without software installation sophisticated. The advantage here is also clear: there is no software to be installed, which saves time, but also the security is here a lot higher, because it can not install viruses or spyware on the computer.

Furthermore, there are the different Internet casinos for the different operating systems. However, only the download casinos are affected. The flash or instant game casinos can be easily started on any operating system.


Online Casino Games: Random generators ensure safety and fairness

Anyone who has ever played cards with friends during a leisurely game night knows that he can be sure that the cards are randomly distributed in the deck of the card. Nobody bothers to allocate the cards or count the cards or use a game system - because in this case, it is more about the fun. But what about the online casinos? Who ensures the fairness of the game and the certainty that the online games are actually based on chance and not something manipulated by the operator in his favor?

The keyword here is: RNG! DA is the abbreviation for the English term "Random Number Generator" and means nothing else than "random number generator". This is responsible for the random sequence of numbers and events, always using the latest technology.

However, there must be sufficient background in mathematics to understand the operation of a random number generator. The reason is that the operation of the RNG is extremely complex. For this reason, we explain the operation once with an example:

Imagine a chain consisting of 60 bulbs and these are next to each other in a long row. Every second, one of them lights up and if you press Stop now, only a certain light bulb would light up.

    This light bulb can possibly bring you a profit - or not
    This principle is applicable to the online slot machines
    The difference from the example to the slots is that the latter is not just about 60 bulbs connected in a chain.
    It is not possible for the player to wait for the light bulb, which brings him the profit
    Only a few bulbs are at the slot machines with a profit - the rest is made of rivets
    If a corresponding number of light bulbs is available, then a jackpot win may be possible.

The live dealer games in the online live casinos

The live casino is the emerging star in the skies of online casinos, and for a good reason: classic gambling games such as online roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack can all be played in an atmosphere akin to that of land-based casinos , Here you will meet real croupiers!

This means that in a live casino you do not play against a machine and the RNG, but you play against real people. Well-known software companies like Play'n Go, Microgaming and Playtech are committed to providing online casino guests with a gaming experience that you can only experience in a real casino.

But also the social aspect plays an important role in the live casino, because it is possible to chat in real time with the croupier and other players. In this way, new friendships can be made or who knows, maybe a new life partner

How does gambling with the live dealer work? The technology behind this is that the "real" croupier is at a real gaming table for roulette, blackjack, baccarat or poker. However, you will not be seated personally at the table, but you will be connected via live stream and the game will take place in real time.

In the Live Dealer game, you can watch comfortably on your PC or mobile device as the croupier shuffles the cards in real time or toss the ball into the roulette cauldron. The bets are placed here simply by mouse click.

The live dealer is picked up from multiple cameras as he mixes and distributes the cards or how the roulette ball is thrown into the cauldron. In many online casinos, it is even possible to choose the perspective that suits you best. Through the video transmission you can follow the exact gameplay, with the results also being transmitted digitally. The game output is determined by sensors in the roulette wheel and the game cards are also provided with chips, so that each sheet can also be read out and transmitted digitally.

You have a direct influence on the gameplay through the casino software or the gambling portal of the provider and carry out your moves and make your real money bets.

The most popular online live dealer games are Roulette, Baccarat, Hold'em, BlackJack and several variants of these games. There are a few online casino providers who also offer other live casino games. However, due to the necessary technology, the offer is costly and for this reason, the providers usually focus solely on the games that attract a corresponding audience.

There are often several tables with different croupiers, game variants and bet heights to choose from. However, the prerequisite for participating in the live game is to have an account with the relevant provider. In addition, you can not play with play money at the live dealer games, as this offer is associated with operational costs due to the technical overhead. However, as a guest it is often possible to follow the game in the live casino on


What to look for as a beginner at online casinos?

It's no different in the virtual world of casinos than it is in the real world: there's a huge supply of reputable, significant and successful providers. But unfortunately there are some that you better not trust and should therefore leave aside. This means that there is also one or the other internet casino online, which has a bad reputation and / or has bad reviews.

Before you register for an online casino to play for real money, it is important to read about the provider. This is very easy and uncomplicated on our site. Of course, it is ultimately down to you in which of the online casinos you register and play. When choosing a reputable online casino you should pay attention to the following points:

    The provider has a valid EU license (eg Malta or Gibraltar)
    The payout ratios are shown transparently
    Personal information is kept confidential
    The games offered come from well-known and reputable software developers
    For deposits and withdrawals there are secure payment options to choose from
    The website transmits all data and financial transfers via SSL
    There is an app or mobile optimized website for the game on tablet & mobile phone

In short, there are some important cornerstones that can be trusted at a new online casino where you want to play for real money. For example, there are some online casino operators listed on the stock exchange that are subject to constant public attention. Many of the online casinos are also regularly reviewed by eCOGRA, a company that oversees online casinos. A casino regularly audited by such an independent company is definitely trustworthy.
The internet casinos & the software developers

As for the quality of an online casino, it depends on deciding which software developer to cooperate with. The developer is the one who develops the games for the online casino platform and thus makes them available to the players. Each developer has a specific portfolio of games, such as slots, table and / or card games, as well as others. Among the most notable providers are:

    Play'n go

Online Casinos and Licenses: The Core for Player Safety

The license that an Internet casino has is the central point when it comes to player safety. This is not a piece of paper that the online casino operator receives to pay X, but it has to meet a number of requirements to receive it. Should the online casino be dubious in any way, then this license will be revoked very quickly. In addition, such a license must be renewed again and again and is therefore not unlimited.

In order for a reputable supplier to be distinguished from a "black sheep", attention should be paid to which authority issued the license. Because the licenses are not congruent - but they all have one thing in common: they force the online casino to work seriously and to ensure that everything goes right.

The history of online casinos

The land-based casinos with their games have a decade-long and sometimes even centuries-long tradition. But the online gambling industry has more than developed in the shortest time. The first land-based casino opened its doors in 1765 and the first online casino appeared around 230 years later. We are currently writing the year 2018 and thus the online casino industry is already 23 years old. While any other industry would be in its infancy, it has been developing rapidly and has become a multi-million dollar industry within two decades that is of great importance worldwide. Furthermore, the online games prove to be very flexible and adapt easily to any culture and any sense of technology


online casino informs and keeps you up to date

The world of online casinos is changing rapidly and even for professionals it is not easy to stay up to date. Whether it's poker, slots, roulette, blackjack or other casino games - it's important to stay up to date and stock up on expertise.

Our portal German online casino is one of the most important contact points for you when it comes to worldwide casino news from the online casino industry. Our team is made up of world-class authors who have been involved with the industry for years and have the experience.

Browse through our portal and discover a variety of informative articles around the online game. We also provide you with up-to-date information about bonuses, deposits and withdrawals, legal matters and much more.


We will inform you from A for registration to payment options

The number of online casinos is growing week by week, making it harder and harder to choose a deal for yourself.

Each online casino usually offers a welcome bonus and also current promotion for existing customers - for example, loyalty campaigns. We'll explain exactly what to look for when choosing the best online casino bonus and what exactly is in it for you.

If you want to play for real money in an online casino games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat for example, then a strategy is helpful to help the goddess Fortuna a little on the jumps. German online casino introduces you to the individual strategies and shows you tips & tricks to play better

Choosing a reputable online casino

What is better? A download casino or the flash casino? Should I play better in the live casino or against the random number generator? What about the game on mobile devices? Which are the latest or most popular slots? What is a Highroller? We give you the right answers to all questions about the online game!
Tips for a successful online game

One thing can not be denied: the online casino operator only earns money if you lose! It is important for a successful game that you know when it's time to quit the game. Here are the 5 most important tips for you to follow when playing online:

    You have to know the rules

It is a well-known fact that it is the experienced players who are lucky in the game. Do not be too hasty and jump into a game that you do not know or whose rules you do not know or understand. It is extremely important that you first familiarize yourself with the game before you use real money. The online casinos offer exact explanation of the game and the possibility to play the game first with play money.

    Alcohol and gambling are not compatible!

There is always a reason to drink a glass of alcohol, be it for relaxation or during a party. But it has been proven that alcohol leads to a reduction of the judgment and some people are even so heavily influenced that you can hardly think rationally, which then leads to irreparable mistakes. So, never participate in gambling if you drink or drink alcohol.

    Set limits

Before you start the game, set clear limits: a limit you can lose, because that's the only way to make sure you're not spending more than you can. If you try to make up for losses with more effort, then you will quickly go bankrupt! It is better to stop and to keep a clear head!

    Do not put yourself under pressure

One of the most common mistakes happens to newbies. If they are lucky enough Fortuna, that they generate corresponding profits right at the beginning, then these "megalomaniac" and put everything back in to win more. Unfortunately, the downside often occurs: everything is lost! Always think rationally and make sure you do not reuse your winnings, just your bankroll.

    Start small

Even if the appeal is to cash in a big profit, nobody should start with high sums in the online casino. Start with small amounts and familiarize yourself with the provider and its platform. Later, if you have more experience, you can still increase the stakes! And only use as much as you can afford and never the money you need for a living.


Casino Slots Apps

Slots apps let you enjoy the excitement of online casino games while you're on the go. The casino apps allow you to play your favorite casino games for fun or for real money. Play your slots now at one of our recommended app casinos! The mobile devices are ideal for online slots. Most slot games have a simple interface, and slot machines with a touch screen also offer a more attractive experience. For many Internet gamers, the casino slots apps are more interactive and stimulating than PC games, which is even more fun.

Many of the biggest and best slots titles are paving their way to the app platforms of mobile devices and tablets. These include progressive slot machines that offer jackpots that progressively increase with the growing number of app players. The casino slots apps offer casino players the opportunity to play online and win money, even while on the move. There are several apps to choose from, but keep in mind when playing casino apps, then just to enjoy the online games and have fun. Keep that in mind: if you look at the app options, you will certainly find an app slot game that suits you.

App Casino Apps are designed specifically for App Devices, which means that you experience a seamless experience playing the casino games. Some of the most famous casino operators now offer their Internet players app options. And if you have any questions about the app slot machines, then read our detailed App Slots Guide. The casino slots apps can be a lot of fun. But to get the best value for your money, you should be able to play it right. Our helpful articles will give you the best odds on big bucks and make sure you enjoy your playing time.

App Slots: Better security
The casino apps also give you additional protection because they can not be hacked or otherwise unauthorized, which means that you can play your casino slots apps completely carefree, knowing that your data is completely secure. As more and more online casino players spend their online gambling time in mobile casinos, rather than on their own computers, there have been some developments in the mobile casino world. So they offer the player an improved gaming experience. For those who play in the All Slot Casino, there is also the option to play in the Mobile Casino. The All Slots Mobile Casino is one of the leading mobile gambling casinos. It recently released a new app that enhances the player experience for those who use mobile devices with apps