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Gambling Guide is an interactive education platform that provides everything you need to know about gambling

World of online gambling

In the first part of the Gambling Guide you will learn all about the basics of online gambling, its origins and history. Additionally, this part will explain basic gambling terms - from online casinos and casino bonuses to affiliate marketing - and it will present to you the most famous myths surrounding the iGaming industry, as opposed to the actual facts.

  1. A brief history of online gambling

  2. Industry overview

  3. Myths vs. facts

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How to play in an online casino – all you need to know

This part of the Gambling Guide explores all the crucial online gambling terms and explains them in great detail. Learn all about the casino registration process, casino software and games, deposits, withdrawals, bonuses and more to ensure you get a comprehensive gaming experience.

  1. Before joining a casino

  2. Registration process

  3. Depositing at a casino

  4. Bonuses

  5. Casino software

  6. Casino games

  7. Withdrawing from a casino

  8. Casino support

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Do I get a fair deal while gambling online?

This part of the Gambling Guide is concerned with fairness and safety at online casinos. Whether you're concerned if you're getting a fair deal at a casino or if you're wondering why RNGs, RTP, gambling licenses and seals of approval matter, you will find all the necessary answers here.

  1. Fairness at online casinos

  2. Why gambling licences and casino certificates matter

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Having trouble with a casino; now what?

This part of the Gambling Guide deals with various issues that might arise in dealing with online casinos and how to approach the problem. Additionally, here you will learn how to correctly submit a complaint against an online casino through the AskGamblers Casino Complaint System.

  1. Conflict resolution, a step-by-step guide

  2. Using AskGamblers Complaint Resolution System

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SOS, I'm addicted to gambling

This part deals with gambling addiction and offers advice on what one should do if they suspect they might be developing a problem with gambling. Read and learn all about protection methods and problem gambling in general.

  1. Problem gambling

  2. Treating problem gambling

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The Gambling Guide appendix features a gambling glossary with the definitions and explanations of the most common iGaming terminology. Additionally, in this part you will find a list of the most famous and important online gambling licenses and regulatory bodies with necessary contact information, especially should one wish to submit a complaint.

  1. Appendix A – Gambling Glossary

  2. Appendix B – List of licensing jurisdictions

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The best casino bonus! Where? Is everyone the same? Or where can I find him? Of course we can answer the last question-it can be found on CasinoSlots. But of course everything else is subjective. There are several ways to identify casinos online.On the one hand, there are bonuses without deposits, on the other hand, this is provided with real money or free spins, and only bonuses without deposits are provided. For example, many casinos offer you attractive bonuses for free even before you make your first deposit

But is it already worth the title of "Best Online Casino"? Even with the first deposit, there are still many reputable online casinos that have a very good percentage of the deposit amount. Therefore, you can get 100% from 200% to 200 € from some providers, but there are also providers who provide you from 400% to 800 €.There, it is important to check the offer in our online casino test and choose the best casino bonus. In addition to increasing your deposit, many casinos also provide free spins for your first deposit. Therefore, depending on the casino, you can also get 50 to 1,000 free spins and you can use many bonuses for your favorite slot machines.
This is what makes playing in the new online casino so interesting and diverse. It does not provide you with the best casino bonuses. Many vendors offer many very favorable offers. You can use our help to find you out Wanted casinos like to try. In the following content, we would like to provide you with some help: Online Casino: Listen, listen, what's free!
Where are the best real money casino bonuses in 2019? What kind of casino bonus is that? Most importantly, how much bonus does the casino give us?
There are a lot of online casinos on the Internet, and no one has to believe that they are all well taken care of. Although there are about 50 hardcore online casinos, they will not complain about the number of players, but to keep players happy and recruit new players, special measures are needed. Online casinos can easily make players sweet with welcome bonuses without deposits or even loyalty bonuses.


What makes the best real money casino online?

    It is not the amount of the casino online that matters, but the conditions

There are a lot of online casinos on the Internet, and no one has to believe that they are all well taken care of. Although there are about 50 hardcore online casinos, they will not complain about the number of players, but to keep players happy and recruit new players, special measures are needed. Online casinos can easily make players sweet with welcome bonuses without deposits or even loyalty bonuses.


    Which games can be used with the Casino online?

Well, your "secret roulette system" will be difficult to test in online casinos. Because the games are usually roulette, poker, video poker and other table games, these games are not included in the bonus. If not, there will usually be stricter bonus conditions here. In most cases, they are slot machines that can use online casinos. If possible, choose the slot with the highest odds!


    Always abide by the bonus terms and conditions of the casino!

Be sure to read the bonus terms and make sure you understand them, so there will be no annoying surprises in the payment. If necessary, please consult customer service! Regardless of the online casino-if the bonus and / or casino rules are violated, the operator will not understand the entertainment and will block your account. Otherwise, we will definitely find you on any forum where you will scold yourself and use our "favorite words".

Best Casino Bonus - Software and Payout Rate

It is also important to pay attention to which casino software you prefer. In terms of graphics and action, it is not only your favorite game. However, the payout rate and chance of winning are also important. In addition, slots are set up so that they often pay smaller amounts. The other slots are also designed for high stakes. In this case, the frequency of winning will decrease, but if it sounds, it will become neat.

This is why we list casinos from different operators below. These main features are that you provide interesting deposit bonuses. However, whether there is a multi-level deposit bonus not only in terms of first deposit, but also in supporting long-term gaming fun. Of course, these casinos have been in the market for a long time, and it definitely is.

What Types of Online Casino online Are There?

New players will receive welcome bonuses in all online casinos. The online casino is where the casino is tested under real money conditions. The welcome bonus may vary. Sometimes, there are only 50% or 100% bonuses in deposits, or up to three, four or more deposits in installments, these bonuses are considered bonuses.

   Tip:, here in the test, offers exactly these four deposit levels!

    Casino online  without deposit

Of course, what is naturally popular is the online casino, no need to save money or spin for free. Of course, before this, the bonus conditions were particularly difficult. Usually, only a few games can use rewards or free spins. However, there is of course no benefit-so there is no reason to complain. It can be provided with the coupon code or it can be automatically credited to the customer's account when registering for the first time.

   Tip: On our overview casino online without deposit you will find the top bonus casinos at a glance!

    The 60-minute bonus or even an hour of freeplay
Some online casinos have a time limit (eg 10 days). The special case here is the 60-minute bonus, which is usually awarded in the Microgaming casino. The profit requirement must be met within one hour, or the profit must be obtained within 60 minutes. In the end, the bonus set in the bonus conditions can be paid in real currency at most, up to 100 euros.

Tip:  Play in 60 minutes what the slot gives. Great for testing. Such actions are regularly in our actions of the week!

    Sticky Bonus or Phantom Bonus

If the online casino professional chooses the bonus, he chooses the sticky bonus. Although the bonus will not be paid, it can be used for higher stakes. For example, you pay 100 Euros and receive a sticky bonus of 100 Euros. Therefore, you can play for 200 Euros. If in the end you have 350 Euros in your account, the sticky bonus of 100 Euros will be deducted and you can withdraw 250%.

Tip:  Take a look at the online casino with the gentleman, Mr. Green.

    Loyalty bonus or VIP bonus

Almost every casino will provide special casino bonuses for VIP club high-end guests. This may vary from casino to casino. However, if you are still loyal to online casinos, there are also casinos that offer loyalty rewards to "ordinary mortal" players.

Tip:  A great casino bonus without deposit offers the Casinoslots

    Cash Back Bonus

Cashback bonuses are only available to VIP players online in most casinos. Here, some losses can be covered by the casino. Therefore, you can get back 10% at some casinos every week.

   Tip:  A traditional online casino that meets the highest standards is the Rolla Casino.

    Mobile Casino Bonus or Mobile Casino Bonus

If you want to use an online casino phone, you can also get one or another bonus, which is only partially applicable to mobile players.

 Tip:  A really great mobile mobile casino is the Betsson Casino available.

    Exclusive casino bonus for our readers and newsletter subscribers

Of course, we also provide you with casino bonuses. We will negotiate this bonus with the casino operator for you, and the casino bonus can only be obtained from us by clicking on the corresponding advertisement or link. In addition, if you choose our newsletter, we will provide you with instant rewards.

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Pro & Con: The two sides of the casino online

Online casinos are always a double-edged sword. Gift horses are of course a proverb that no one should look at in their mouths, but since online casinos do not necessarily have anything to give, casino professionals have used another saying: "Gifts are still too expensive" This is the motto, Because each casino bonus is associated with the bonus conditions, the bonus conditions must be observed in order to transfer the won money or bonus as real currency on your account.
It is not uncommon to complain on Internet forums that the profits derived from this casino bonus have not been paid. Then, the usual conjecture became loud, that the respective casinos had a bad reputation, and our two "favorite words" kept falling (the solutions here are: fraud and fraud). It turns out that sooner or later the user violated one or another bonus regulation of the casino, so the money has been withheld.

Therefore, when it comes to the casino bonus theme, you always have two options. Be sure to read the bonus terms carefully and follow them. Or, you can do it like a professional and just give up real money casino bonuses, so you can get the bonus at any time.


Fun at the online casino!


Since 1998, players can experience the magic of Las Vegas through in their own homes. A variety of online slot machines provide you with exciting entertainment, excitement and increasing jackpots. In addition, we regularly provide unique offers and promotions. The world's leading gaming software manufacturer "Microgaming Systems" supports our software and assures you that our online casino is of the highest quality. respects your privacy and will not make any transactions with your personal information, so you can play games with conscience. In addition, we are always committed to providing a safe and responsible gaming environment.


The special online casino experience

Our goal is to provide the best online casino games in a safe atmosphere. In addition, our players can also receive unique services and support from one of the most regulated online casinos. In addition, you only have the opportunity to make the most profit here. With the help of card mixing technology and random number generator on the Internet, we guarantee to provide you with fair games. This gives you a chance to win all online games. Now it's faster and easier to deposit bonuses into your account. On average, most payments will be completed within 2 days. Games we offer
Overall, you can choose from more than 400 online casino games. You can use the downloadable premium casino or play in the Flash casino without downloading.
In online casinos in Germany, you can find 170 online slot machines, such as Tomb Raider, Hitman and Thunderstruck. For friends of card games, we offer BlackJack and the famous Video Poker. You can also enjoy "King of Casino Games", an online classic roulette game, experience excitement and excitement at the dice table, a particularly popular online casino game, or try your luck in baccarat. When you sign up for our online bingo game, you get 20 Euros for free!
A special highlight of our online casino is your opportunity to participate in free multiplayer online slot machine tournaments.

Play online table games of the highest quality is the largest online casino for German players. It also provides a large number of the most iconic table games and card games in the world. Various versions of these games also include regional changes, multiplayer versions, and even progressive jackpot games. Online table games are not behind the choices of many slot machines. They provide realistic, lively casino entertainment, as well as interesting graphics and sound effects, seamless animations and exquisite storylines.

With online casino, you only need a computer or mobile device and an effective Internet connection to enjoy the sophisticated entertainment experience of roulette games, an unforgettable blackjack atmosphere and timeless poker games. Baccarat, Keno, Video Poker and Scratch Card also provide extraordinary games, you can choose to immerse yourself in your game at any time.

Live casino games and tournaments

JackpotCity's real-time casino and video streaming technology allows players to enjoy baccarat, blackjack and roulette games with real givers and co-hosts. When you play for huge jackpots, interacting with donors in the real world will undoubtedly make you feel comfortable in your own home, and the casino experience will be more intense. In the live game, you can compete with other players.
JackpotCity's real-time casino and video streaming technology allows players to enjoy baccarat, blackjack and roulette games with real givers and co-hosts. When you play for huge jackpots, interacting with donors in the real world will undoubtedly make you feel comfortable in your own home, and the casino experience will be more intense. In the live game, you can compete with other players.

Banking in Euros made easy for the online casino

Players can play real money games in this advanced online casino without having to bow their heads. Because JackpotCity Banking accepts the Euro and many different payment methods, making deposits and withdrawals can never be easier. Credit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards and e-wallets can easily be used to make deposits in seconds. Scammers no longer worry about cheating on your money or your personal information because everything is protected by the latest SSL data encryption technology.

Support for the player around the clock

CasinoSlots is one of the online casinos that supports players every step of the way. The built-in live chat, phone and email can be used to provide correct support for any type of problem, whether it is in terms of account or in free software that you can download to your computer. A professional, friendly and well-trained customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Bonuses and promotions make the game even more interesting

Can online casino entertainment provide customers with more online jackpots for first-rate slot machines and table games? No? but! welcomes all new players who use real money, and provides signing bonuses, so that you can expand the gameplay to win big wins. This is just the beginning. When you make a deposit and play for real money, there are special offers every day, week, and month.

But stop! Even more than that! You will also become a member of a player loyalty club in this premium casino. In every game you play for real money, you automatically receive loyalty points that can later be exchanged for all kinds of rewards, including casino credit, cash, vacation travel, and even high-quality technical gadgets.


A game experience without regret

If you want not only an entertaining and potentially profitable online gaming experience, but also reliable and complete, JackpotCity is the right online casino for German players like you. The casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, is legal, and operates in accordance with the strictest standards and regulations. The technical foundation comes from Microgaming, a software developer who has won numerous industry awards. The quality of these games is not limited to appearance. Thereby ensuring fair competition and balancing results. A certified random number generator can ensure this.

Since then, the commitment to quality excellence has been recognized by the famous independent gaming regulator: JackpotCity Online Casino proudly wears the eCogra quality logo. The fastest way to enjoy JackpotCity entertainment is to play Flash games in the browser. In addition to downloading anything, you do nothing but log in to the browser, select the game, and start playing.
In order to get a better gaming experience and more games to choose from, please download free software for your computer. With just one mouse click, you can access great games and services. Or carry a quality gaming experience with you: Mobile Casino.



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